Community Studio at TILL: bioFASHIONtech LAB

Lead Designer: Yimin Deng | Designers: Huashuang Hu, Vân Anh Lê | Intern: Ingrid Li

Director & Photographer: James Cho | Assistant: Tookie Hong

In order of appearance: Ingrid Li, Roberto Pérez Martínez, José Orozco, Natalie Bonilla, Eliana Martini, Tessa Beltrano, Olivia Greenspan and Shari Michael

About Community Studio

Community Studio at TILL: bioFASHIONtech LAB is a fashion studio focused on upcycled clothing and community-based production. We believe that any of us can be part of sustainable fashion not only as consumers but also as makers.

Community Studio introduces practical ways for people to participate in sustainable fashion. We teach Stamford residents the basics of using a sewing machine and fashion-making skills such as natural dyeing, pattern making, and embroidery. We invite people who have little-to-no fashion training to come to our Community Studio every week to work with professional Community Studio designers making upcycled garments. The catch is: What is something you want to buy? Let’s not buy it. Let’s make it! Community Studio members donate their unwanted garments to be a part of this project. We upend fashion conventions designing for different bodies and personalities with their creative input and, of course, their time and contribution.

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moments at community studio…