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bioFASHIONtech is the inaugural Summit for ecological fashion natives -- the new generation of designers making planetary well-being not just a goal of our design (i.e., "do less harm") but the defining impulse of our creative work and framework for its production.

The Summit brings together makers and thought leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs, investors and retailers working at the forefront of emerging technologies for experimental textiles, new systems of community-based manufacturing, and business model innovation.

Within one year, Gen Z will outstrip millennials as the most populous generation, comprising 32% of the population. Combined, we are market force. Our values count.

Millennials and Gen Z are rightfully branded as mission-driven and impact-oriented. "Good fashion" is not good enough for an industry declared by the 2018 UN Economic Commission for Europe as an environmental emergency.

Our quest for products and processes that heal and restore ecological balance goes beyond mere sustainability. We are inspired, and compelled, by the pragmatic recognition that our lives depend on it.


Capsule collections commissioned for bFt Summit, designed and produced at bFt LAB @Stamford Town Center (from left): Yimin Deng, Community Studio; Jacob Olmedo Studio; Gal Yakobovitch Studio x Shaggy Coos Farm, Easton, CT

bioFASHIONtech is a project of the community-based development studio TILL.